How do you deliver the products?

BGLS delivers only in bulk at the moment – using Tandem dump trucks for smaller volume (less than 12 cubic yards), Truck & Tri or Quad wagon for larger quantities. No bags.

How Large are Your Trucks?

Tandem Trucks hold a maximum of 12 cubic yards of topsoil, garden mix OR 10 yds of aggregates.

Where Will Your Truck Dump My Material?

The truck will drop material at your wanted location (e.g. driveway, front yard, back alley) as long as there is adequate space for the truck to drive there.

Can You Dump Half my Soil in One Location and the Other Half Somewhere Else?

Not if you only want to pay for delivery once. Once the tailgate opens and the material is dumping out the back, it cannot be stopped. In order to dump in two locations, we would need to send two trucks, so you would need two separate delivery charges.

Can Your Trucks Fit on My 3-foot pathway and Dump All the material Over My Fence?

Trucks cannot flip material over fences or walls. Our trucks require 10 feet of width space to get through gates or tight areas. All deliveries within curb lines are at landowner’s risk.

How Do I Let You Know Where to Dump?

Please place down a tarp or mark an X or provide some other indicator showing exact delivery location wanted.

Can You Guarantee a Morning Delivery?

Morning deliveries are not guaranteed. If you are starting a project Friday at 8am, please order delivery for Thursday afternoon.

Do I Need to be Home?

No, but please visibly mark where you want the delivery with a tarp or X.

Can My Delivery Location be in a Back Alley?

If drop location is a back alley, please ensure no power lines are above your drop off location.

Pick Up at our Screening location

What is the Minimum Charge for Bulk Soil Product Pick Up?

We have a minimum charge of $30 for any bulk soil product when customers pick it up at our location. If you pick up 1 or 2 cubic yards of screened topsoil, we will charge you $30. This covers the cost of the material. We load it in your truck or trailer. It is important to note that this fee is per trip, you will have to pay the $30 fee each time you come to fill up one vehicle/trailer.

Can any Vehicle be loaded?

Material must be loaded from the TOP of the vehicle or trailer. We cannot load covered trailers, cube vans, etc.

How Much Can My Truck Hold?

A half-ton truck can typically hold between 1-2 cubic yards of bulk soil or garden mix. A smaller pickup truck can hold about one cubic yard. A cubic yard of soil weighs about one tone.

I Came by your Location and Nobody was There!

Weather plays an important role in our operation – we will try to be open during our posted hours, however if it’s been raining or snowing significantly, we may be closed. No appointments are necessary – but it is a good idea to call ahead if the weather is not great.

  1. Call our Office at (587) 971-LOAM or Check our Facebook homepage, and it will be posted if we are closed due to weather


What Is the Difference Between Topsoil & Loam?

Even if the terms loam and topsoil are often used to refer to the same type of soil, they do not mean the same thing.

soil layers - FAQ page


highest layer of soil, which may be up to 12 inches deep. Top soil can be comprised of a wide range of elements, including sand, silt and clay. It refers to any kind of soil that is on top.

Soil Texture classification - FAQ page


Loam is a classification given to soil that contains relatively balanced amounts of sand, silt and clay. Loam soils typically contain less than 52 percent sand, 28 to 50 percent silt, and between 7 and 20 percent clay. Classification as a loam soil has nothing to do with the organic material it contains or where it is found. A mixture that contains almost equal amounts of silt, sand and clay is referred to simply as loam. However, if the soil has a little more of one of these elements in relation to the others, then the classification is modified to sandy loam, clay loam, silt loam, sandy clay loam, or silty clay loam. It is considered the best topsoil, as it allows enough water to be soaked into the ground to keep plants hydrated – and yet it still drains well enough that air can circulate.

The misunderstanding

The misunderstanding between loam and topsoil is understandable because the ideal topsoil for most garden landscapes would be a loam of some type. Misunderstanding can be avoided by remembering that topsoil refers to the position of the soil, while loam refers to soil quality; all loam is a kind of topsoil, but not all topsoil is a kind of loam.


If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the product supplied by BGLS Inc. please call (587) 971-LOAM to explain the problem and measures will be taken to rectify the situation.


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