Aged Compost


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We offer the same quality screened aged compost used in our garden mixes for pickup or delivery. This compost is aged and consequently odorless. Compost can help you create a flourishing garden and healthier soil in the long-term in many ways:

  • improving soil structure: Soil with a healthy structure is crumbly to the touch, allowing plenty of room for air, water and energy to move freely.
  • Increase nutrient content: When organic material is broken down in a compost pile, the decomposition process produces the best fertilizer you’ll ever find.
  • Use less water: Improving soil structure and boosting nutrient content is about more than producing healthier crops. Fertile soil also has far greater moisture retention, allowing you to use less water in your garden

Helps prevent plant diseases: research is showing that soil treated with compost tend to produce plants with fewer pest issues.


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