Garden Mix 70/30 (70% Screened Loam / 30% Compost)


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When planting, it is always a good idea to start with a good growing medium. Plants and seeds are expensive and using a soil like our loam-compost mix will give some assurance that your hard work will succeed. This is a 70/30 mix of our Screened loam (70%) and our Compost (30%). This blend works great for raised beds and other gardens. This loam-compost mix is also great for new lawns. The compost will add nutrients and moisture holding capacity. Because compost can hold four times its weight in water, you won’t have to water as much during dry spells. If you have a lawn with poor soil you can spread 2 – 4 inches of this mix right over it and plant a new lawn. The loam in this mix will allow for good, sturdy root growth. The compost allows the plant to access more of the natural fertility in the soil particles. This general purpose, high quality mix is screened to 0.5 inches (12mm) and is very easy to work with. Our loam-compost mix is for both the professional grower and the novice gardener. Spread the mix out; plant it; step back and watch it grow!


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