Recycled / Crushed Concrete 75mm


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Our 75mm recycled concrete sub-base aggregate meets all sieve requirements for sub-base gravel that the City of Calgary requires. As any reinforcing steel in the concrete rubble is itself sent for recycling during the production process, this is a 100% post-consumer product and ideal as an alternative to crushed gravel on any standard commercial or LEED project. Crushed from concrete rubble, this material has been used on many commercial and municipal projects throughout the City for gravel yard sub-bases as well as sub-base gravels for asphalt paving areas. It has even been accepted for use as sub-base materials on City of Calgary’s new subdivision roads.

Benefits of Concrete Aggregates:

  • City of Calgary sieve specification conforming
  • Water absorbent
  • Slight re-hydration during watering/compaction
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% post-consumer product
  • Similar pricing to local gravel sources
  • LEED product


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